Sunday, May 09, 2010

Hello people of earth!

I've been pretty much VERY busy this week.
And not because of visa applications, which some of my friends have been led to believe,
which also is very far from the truth since I haven't really gotten anywhere near done in doing it :p,
but because I have been employed
as the family personal chaffeur.

My recently retired driver had a contract which specified he would be employed until June,
but he'd already found a new job which started this May and asked for an early lay-off.
My housekeeper offered her uncle as the new driver, but my Mom declined since he didn't really know his way around the city.
And I thought I'd save the day by saying that I'll instead drive the family around,
a decision that I soon-no, not regret-wished I'd put more thoughts into.

I never knew being a driver would be so tiring.
I drive an average of more than 100 km per day.
And that's just from home-Tamara's school-Farrah's uni-Papi's office-and back home again.
Not counting the going to and from Tamara's hopefully future highschool (she's a ninth grader currently), SMA 70 Jakarta, for entrance exams and results and whatnot.

And speaking about results, Tamara graduated from junior high with flying colors!!!
Do pay her a visit here guys!
She's a fashion blogger and got some pretty impressive pics at her page.

But, despite being busy driving the family to their intended destinations, I have managed to squeeze in gatherings, such as the Accounting Farewell and Reunion party last week,
and the latest,
indeed this was taken mere hours before this is posted,
a date with the all-around wonderful guy, H!
Chocolate surprise from H! :D
 He bought a magazine, I bought a book.
The blitz and blur from my lack of photography skills successfully censored my member barcode. :p
We grabbed a quick dinner and went home. :)

During the date Hasbi very casually told me that I look chubbier than ever.
"And not that it's a bad thing," he said, "because it's actually very good."
For him, the chubby, cherubic, cutesy chick look/thing is a definite turn on.
But for me, and I believe girls in general, I don't want to be told that I'm chubbier.
Girls want to hear from people-and especially from our boyfriends-that we've actually lost some pounds and that we look rather ravishing in our new bods,
which is why I've been slaving away at the gym during my free time recently.

I'm sure you'd have thought that with regular workout at the gym plus all the exhaustion from being a personal chaffeur, one would lose a couple of pounds.
Quite the contrary as yours truly have actually gained some.

H asked me a couple days back on the phone, "What are you gonna do then, when you've reached your ideal weight?"
to which I promptly replied, "Buy new clothes for the new bod!" with one of those duh-rolling-eyes thing that I do so well.
His response was a mere scoff.

People told me I should be grateful that I have a boyfriend who'd probably like you more when you put on some weight than when you lose some.
But H is one person compared to the 1.6 billion other people in the world who'd prefer skinny chicks than chubby ones.
And let's face it we grew up in a world and time that very much prefers the former than the latter.

Having typed this I realize that maybe I would better be off living in Ancient Greece where the people had so much appreciation for chubby women like I am. :p
I'm sure I'd be quite a catch. :p

I've got two more occasions lined up in my scheduled this week!
First up is meeting up with my girls to visit Saura's newly born nephew tomorrow!!!
Last time we met up, Saura, Ratih and Rora couldn't join us. :(
This pretty lady took our pics and because she's so kind she got a frame all to herself. :p
The boyfriends.
We're not quite sure if the heart symbolizes how much we love these guys or how much they love each other LOL.

And on the day after, I'm off to catch a movie and go karaoke-ing with these wonderful peeps.
Last time I went out on a karaoke, this happened.

Quite atrocious, I'm sure. :p
Tania took this footage.
Naturally she's the one on the left and I'm the one on the right.

There are two other people who would be joining us. It's been a rather long time since we watched a movie together.
The last time we watched a movie together.
The whole crew when we went out that day.
Movie sucked but we had lots of fun nevertheless.
Have a great week ahead peeps!

Lots of love,
Intan :)

A bonus:
They look real shady and suspicious-looking, don't they?
LOL. This is JK of course. ;)
Go and visit MonMon here!



i think you shouldn't worry about that "chubby" comment, because with age women lose facial fat, its a first sign of aging...

going after that, as catherine deneuve says, at certain age woman needs to chose between beautiful face and skinny butt... ;)

kesehaRian Ra-Kun

just have a nice day :)

thimbles and gingham

your sister looks so cute!

Annisa Pramesti

Omygod intan! ngupload foto di blog ga bilang2! haha, gw grab yaaa foto2nyaaaa, hehe


intann wah you're being such a great driver for the family
no i mean being a driver is super tiring especially in the jakarta traffic
i dont really like driving cause it is tiring. i cant be bothered to drive back and forth like you do
dulu jaman sma bolak balik sekolah ato mall aja udah cukup daahh hahaha
huah you are so great
have a great week ahead!

Intan Alasdair

@THE DIVINITUS: :) true enough. you made me feel a WHOLE lot better! :D
@keseharian ra-kun: thanks.
@thimbles and gingham: aww i know right?
@mesty: haha. please do, mest. :D
@fhenny: what can i say. i have to fhen. otherwise who will. plus im unemployed anyways haha. you have a great time too!


Hahahha, poto yg terakhir bikin ngakak, Tan! ;)
duh, di keluarga elu, all girls smua ya, makanya elo yg jadi supir sementara. hehehe, but that's okay.
kangenn masa2 kuliah di ui lagi nih gara2 liat pict loe... xD


Ohhh such fun shots lady!

You look like you are really enjoying yourself :)


Intan Alasdair

@yessi: :D hihi. makanya ke kampus yuk dukung teman" sidang! :D

@stylestalker: i did! :) :D

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