Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can't Think of A Suitable Title, Really... :p


Allow me to introduce you to my bestest friend in the whole world:

No I am NOT strangling him, people!!! Even though it does look that way.

On Christmas Eve we decided that we should go on a date and catch a movie, Avatar.
My family were actually watching the same movie at that moment but at a different mall.

Before we watched the movie though, we made a few stops along the way:
1. Lunch with H's dad at this restaurant
2. Hunting for new Wii and PS2 games. H also bought me Cardcaptor Sakura DVDs!
But the 1st DVD turned out to be corrupted and so I plan to return them soon. :(
3. Going to H's house for more food because H was hungry.
H's mom gave us money to buy ourselves ice creams, or so she said, but he spent it all on fuel. Grr. >:p
4. We checked out the XBox 360 and stuff.

we got to the mall at last to watch the movie.

Only we didn't.

Because we met this little guy right here:


Hasbi is a big fan of Kamen Rider and he collects their action figures.
But he said that he needed more bad guys in his collection
so that when he played with them, it would be more fun or something.

Boys, right..?

Anyways Toys City Indonesia is having this huge holiday season sale since the end of October I believe and this little guy was on sale.
So naturally H bought it because we thought he looked evil enough to be KR's enemy.

See, even H has to hold him down or he'd smash your computer screens.

We don't actually know whether he's actually a bad guy or not in the show (Something Sanzer I believe) though.

And the rest are pics we took that day fooling around the mall.

H was extremely snappy happy that day and told me to get into "the pit."
I ended up destroying some poor girl's photo shoot for her blog I presume.

This is my new and improved boyfriend.
As you can see I love him very much.
Note the hugging-with-my-eyes-closed phenomenon.

Hasbi made me take these pics of him.
Idk the logic behind it though.

Some more pics of me:

And I snapped up some pics of H, too!
Please excuse my (lack of) talent in photography. :)


Love, Intan

P.s. The comment button is fixed!!!
Idk what I did, really.
I just clicked this and that and suddenly it's ok! :p

P.p.s. Have a happy new year's day celebration everyone!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


09:41:53 I rang him up.
But I had to hang up.
My baby sister entered my room, looking for her marker or some sort.
She found it and exited.

I rang him up again.
His sleepy voice answered my cheery greeting.

"Assalamualaikum!" I said.
A drowsy "Wa alaikum salam" was his answer.
I smiled.
He was asleep.
It was Saturday after all.
And he was not an early waker even during the school days.

"I have something to confess," I told him,
a smile playing on my lips though he couldn't see.
"Hmm" was his reply.

I continued, "I have a crush on somebody else."
And he grunted in his half-sleep.
"You're supposed to be jealous," I reminded him
and he grunted again.

"Which character in a book now that you're crushing in?"
he managed to say, half-yawning.
I smiled.
I had an urge to kiss him at that moment and instead launched into a story depicting my current crush to which he grunted and hmmed in all the most adorable manner.
I pictured him laying in his bed, half asleep, with his eyes still closed,
his phone laid beside him just close enough to his ear to hear me talk.
And I smiled.
I wanted to kiss him again and hold him in my arms.

"What do you want to do now?" I asked him,
to which he promptly replied "Sleep."
And I said to him half pouting,
though he couldn't see it,
"Don't you miss me?"
to which he replied "I miss you too."

I left him to sleep then.
And I ended the  call.
"Okay then," I said.
Again a grunt was all he could muster.
"I love you."
"I love you too."
"Wa alaikum salam."

A brief silence.
He had drifted back to sleep I assumed.
I smiled and looked at my book.
I hang up the phone.

"Nobody Owens," I said outloud to myself
and flicked through the pages of the book
its characters running around in my head
future possibilities and what-might-happens of
Miss Lupescu,
Liza and Scarlett
the Kiss-on-the-Cheek,
his Passport,
Jacks of All Trades,
the Owens, the Dorians,
and all and Nobody Owens.

I smiled.
And for a good quarter of an hour I laid on my bed,
that good unshakable, fuzzy electric feeling
of a good well-written well-read--
of its characters and stories imprinted on one's head--

I smiled for the hundredth times today.
And typed this up on my laptop.
10:20 AM 12/27/2009


Read the book if you haven't.

Visit the website:


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Quickie. :)

People please put down your torches it's me Intan! :O


I've been on a comatose in the blogosphere I guess with the almost three weeks absence

but yes I'm back.

I know not updating in so long is probably the WORST thing that any blogger could do...
So I'm just gonna cut all the excuses and do a quick catch up post as to what's been happening in my life. :)


JGTC or Jazz Goes to Campus is the 2nd oldest jazz event in the world and is hosted by the faculty of yours truly,
the Faculty of Economics and Business of Universitas Indonesia! :

This year's theme was to bring out a Sense of Rejuvenation, which is further defined by the committee as an attempt to capture the essence of revitalizing, refreshing, and restoring the true nature of jazz.

This year's JGTC was quite amazing as there's a new addition to the whole package of events! :)
It was the JGTC Roadshow!
Sheer genius I'm telling you! :)
And on the D-day, the Jazz lineup was also excellent!
Here are some of them:

Pics courtesy of the 32nd JGTC website

And now a couple of my pics:

As a true and faithful FEUI student, this is my 3rd JGTC ticket!
I try to watch EVERY year :)
and the only time I didn't watch it was on my 2nd year
due to my being on a vacation abroad. :)

This is SO not my favorite picture but this is the only one with my hair still dry.
At the event, Sunsilk held this beauty-salon-thing where we can buy conditioners on a special price PLUS we get a free washing+conditioning+blowdrying. :))
My hair was perfect til...

Yup it started raining! :S
H was kinda insistent on us not using the umbrella because it would block other people's view of the stage. >:p
(I hated him then for being so considerate--though selfish at the same time :(--when lots of other people in front of us were indeed wearing their umbrellas).
This prompted me to buy these two shawls Hasbi and I were using to dry our hair.

I looked disgusting. :$

All in all the 32nd JGTC was a great job!
A big hand for Citta and the guys who made this so successful! :)

2. Undergraduate Thesis


YUP. My thesis is finisheeeeeeeeeeedd!!! :)

I am SOO SOO incredibly happy! :)

And now I'm waiting for my final grades to come out and then I'm going to undergo what is called the Trial.
No comments on that one. *shudders*

Then it's graduation day and helloo job world! :D

Only I won't be working yet probably. :)
I'm still sooo so young which is why I'm going to take my Master's later in July 2010 hopefully. :)

I seriously think I look like her.
Bangs. Check.
Braces. Check.
Overall preppiness. Check. Check Check. :p

3. Exams

My last exam is this Tuesday sooo
wish me luckk!!!

Bye kids!


P.s. Today is my thesis counselor's wedding!!! :)
All my happiness goes to to you Pak Yan!
May you fill each other's heart with courage and everflowing love on this wonderful day!
And may you spend a blessed and merry lifetime with your beloved!
Have a happy wedding Pak Yan!!! :)

Friday, December 04, 2009

It's Blue.

Photorealism and cool glasses in one post?
Get out! :O

Pics are courtesy of PRISM London

I believe that a geek is never complete without their glasses.
And as a true and faithful geek,
I believe I've been one since elementary school and never grew out of it :p,
I must ask you dear readers
to please please pleasee get me one of these glasses?

Any of the first three ones would be great! :p
But the second and third ones would be AWESOME! ;)

I'm actually typing this in my Internal Auditing class--
we just had a quiz.
Not a justifiable reason as to why I'm writing right now
but it's sufficient. :)
(Read: I'm bored.)

for those of you who didn't know him
I'm gonna blog about my absolute favorite photorealist artist
Tho I find it hard to believe that you guys don't know him as he's
like SUPER HUGE!!! :)

PLUS he draws with a ballpoint pen!!!

Yes people
be amazed.



And if you don't think those pics look like real pictures
then you seriously need to check out your eyes! :p


Well, I got a little sis to pick up and friends to have coffee next in my schedule now.


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