Friday, December 04, 2009

It's Blue.

Photorealism and cool glasses in one post?
Get out! :O

Pics are courtesy of PRISM London

I believe that a geek is never complete without their glasses.
And as a true and faithful geek,
I believe I've been one since elementary school and never grew out of it :p,
I must ask you dear readers
to please please pleasee get me one of these glasses?

Any of the first three ones would be great! :p
But the second and third ones would be AWESOME! ;)

I'm actually typing this in my Internal Auditing class--
we just had a quiz.
Not a justifiable reason as to why I'm writing right now
but it's sufficient. :)
(Read: I'm bored.)

for those of you who didn't know him
I'm gonna blog about my absolute favorite photorealist artist
Tho I find it hard to believe that you guys don't know him as he's
like SUPER HUGE!!! :)

PLUS he draws with a ballpoint pen!!!

Yes people
be amazed.



And if you don't think those pics look like real pictures
then you seriously need to check out your eyes! :p


Well, I got a little sis to pick up and friends to have coffee next in my schedule now.



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