Thursday, December 31, 2009

Can't Think of A Suitable Title, Really... :p


Allow me to introduce you to my bestest friend in the whole world:

No I am NOT strangling him, people!!! Even though it does look that way.

On Christmas Eve we decided that we should go on a date and catch a movie, Avatar.
My family were actually watching the same movie at that moment but at a different mall.

Before we watched the movie though, we made a few stops along the way:
1. Lunch with H's dad at this restaurant
2. Hunting for new Wii and PS2 games. H also bought me Cardcaptor Sakura DVDs!
But the 1st DVD turned out to be corrupted and so I plan to return them soon. :(
3. Going to H's house for more food because H was hungry.
H's mom gave us money to buy ourselves ice creams, or so she said, but he spent it all on fuel. Grr. >:p
4. We checked out the XBox 360 and stuff.

we got to the mall at last to watch the movie.

Only we didn't.

Because we met this little guy right here:


Hasbi is a big fan of Kamen Rider and he collects their action figures.
But he said that he needed more bad guys in his collection
so that when he played with them, it would be more fun or something.

Boys, right..?

Anyways Toys City Indonesia is having this huge holiday season sale since the end of October I believe and this little guy was on sale.
So naturally H bought it because we thought he looked evil enough to be KR's enemy.

See, even H has to hold him down or he'd smash your computer screens.

We don't actually know whether he's actually a bad guy or not in the show (Something Sanzer I believe) though.

And the rest are pics we took that day fooling around the mall.

H was extremely snappy happy that day and told me to get into "the pit."
I ended up destroying some poor girl's photo shoot for her blog I presume.

This is my new and improved boyfriend.
As you can see I love him very much.
Note the hugging-with-my-eyes-closed phenomenon.

Hasbi made me take these pics of him.
Idk the logic behind it though.

Some more pics of me:

And I snapped up some pics of H, too!
Please excuse my (lack of) talent in photography. :)


Love, Intan

P.s. The comment button is fixed!!!
Idk what I did, really.
I just clicked this and that and suddenly it's ok! :p

P.p.s. Have a happy new year's day celebration everyone!!!



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Hazbi Emre

bagus sekali


yay now i can post comment :D
by the way have just added your facebook
happy new year!


Your h (h for husband FYI :p) looks so stressful in those photos (except one starting with the chinese bow position. LOL). Anyway, you guys make a good couple!


Jadi pengen punya pacar *purely curcol* :p

Intan Alasdair

@playarabbit sure mr rabbit sir! ;)
@fhen yea i already approved the request! thanks man! :)
@exalandra youknow veryy well h does not stand for husband, mooonn. :) hes weird. :p


Keren ya.. kayak di luar negri :D
Hmm.. best fren? looks like a date to me haha.. *kaburrr*

Intan Alasdair

@jiewa lol! who said u cant go on a date with ur best friend? *kabur*


hey girl, thanks so much for your sweet comment.. you're really lovely!! <3
it's incredible how prizes change in the world..for us 30£ are really cheap!!!!! :DD
lot of kisses dear, M&E.



"who said u can't go on a date with your best friend?"
couldn't agree more ;P

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