Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Happy NYE and other things!!! :)

Hello people!!!

Happy new year!!!

So~ how was your NYE?

Awwesomee, I hope! :)

Anyways here are a couple of pics taken during "Christmas dinner"
with the extended family.
We don't actually celebrate it,
it just so happened we got together that night. :p


Serious YUM! :9

And now some of my NYE pics taken at the roof of Dida's house!

From left to right:
Tania, Dida, Yours Truly, and Rora

There was some SERIOUS FOOD PORN going on!

Our NYE menu:
1. Fettucini
2. Roasted Beef
3. BBQ Chicken
4. BBQ Fish
5. Roasted Beef Sausages
6. Soft Drinks
7. Veggie Ice Cream

And from our NYE we also incurred that it must have been women who found fire in prehistoric times
as Tania was soo~ goodd at keeping the fire going over our BBQ.
It was either that or she's a secret pyromaniac or something. :)

Especially as it was she and Dida who fired off the fireworks.

Pics courtesy of oraclespeak.wordpress.com, outofthefostercarebox.wordpress.com, robertprice.co.uk, bostonherald.com.

And as we were on the roof, the neighbors' fireworks literally went off RIGHT above our heads and we (read: especially me) had to duck and take cover a couple of times (read: a LOT.)

Apart from sounding our trumpets and firing off the fireworks
- it was soo hard to capture those fireworks in the sky :( -
we also played UNO where I was undisputed champion.
I know sooo many ways in which to trick people to say Uno. ;)

And we also watched a movie,
We picked it because Ashton Kutcher's playing but we...
well I ended up watching with my eyes closed.

Anyways, I have to get back to studying! :)

I'm undergoing this trial thingy veryyyyy sooooonnnn!!!
So please dear readers, pray for me that I defend my thesis in the MOST excellent manner ever!!!

Lots of love!


If you want to check even SERIOUS-ER food porn, go to


kesehaRian Ra-Kun

happy nu year :)
have a nice day ^_^


Intaaan! Happy new year, baby. Heven't met you in our lovely 2010 yet :(

BTW, have a fine good luck with you trial stuff. Go kick them judges in the arses! XD


You definitely have sheer bliss on NYE, I can see that on your words. You're always so fun and inspiring,dont you ever fall in love to your attractive little self for once or more? I'd rather marry you if I could (okay, again speaking of lesbianism, forgive me lol)..

Well Happy Happy New Year doll!
You'll always be a miracle.






HAPPY NEW YEAR! looks like u had so much fun with fam and friends. ur meal looks soo DELISH :))




lovely time with friends and family is the best!!

greeting from NYC, xx

Intan Alasdair

@keseharian ra-kun hello! happy new year to you too! I hope you had a great time! :)

@exalandra monmon i miss you too! i hope everything is fine wit h you and your internship! :) and yes i am planning to kick them in their sweet asses haha! jk i wouldnt do that. well not to pak yan but mabes to the other judges idk. :p

@claradevi SRSLY you are the sweetest human being EVAR! :) i wish i could fall in love with myself but i wont end up like poor narcissus in the river. no. id rather get intoxicated in love with the world and its many fascinations, including you yes you ms handriatmadja! haha.

@margherita and eleonora hello new friends! i envy your sisterly bond so much and i wish my sisters and i were as strong as that! yes the pics are amazing and all the credits are due to their respective photographers and not me, alas... :) thank you for visiting and please dont hesitate to visit again! :)

@natalie thank you! we made that ourselves. well actually my 3 friends made them i just "assisted". hehe. i did have a ton of un on nye and i could only hope that you did too! :) its an honor to be visited by you! :) Please do come again! :)

@natalie yes i agree! you have such a way with words natalie! :) i visited your blog and fell in love with it instantly. i used to live in nyc for 3 years but that was 5 years ago. :P

Thank you everybody good old friends and good new friends! It was nice meeting all of you!!! :)) I'm a happy girl today!


Huaaa.. enaknya rame2! hahaha.. xD

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