Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hello People of Earth!!! :)

It seems like it's been so long
(indeed it's been one whole week[!!!])
since I last posted. :)

For those who have visited my blog before,
you might have known that I've been busy with the so-called Trial
(this gruesome Thesis Defense Hearing)
every undergraduate student must go through
and pass, mind you,
in order to graduate. :)

To make a long story short...


Indeed I can now call myself a Bachelor of Economics! ;)

Sounds fancy, doesn't it?

I've been pronounced a BE since Jan 12th,
which was also the Trial date btw,
and yet I've been soo busy with graduation
(read: picking out a pretty kebaya and choosing a flattering updo ;))
as well as getting the Thesis published in the Uni Library. :D

And though I know any excuse is not good enough to fill in on the blog absence but I do hope you'd understand. :)

My Mami accompanied me on that fateful day
she brings good luck ;)
and she absolutely did!
I graduated with a wonderful, wonderful grade on top of the pure bliss of graduating at all! :D
Though I couldn't have done it without the support of my dearest ALLAH SWT, my family, my friends, my thesis counselor, as well as YOU!
Yes you reading this, you!

So thank you! :)
Good luck and godspeed for all your future endeavors.
I wish you all the best things in this life and the hereafter. :) :) :)

Love, Intan :)

P.s. Here's a couple of pics taken on that happy happy day!!! :D

This was taken riiightt after I got out of the Trial room!!!
All of us have already graduated!!! :D


The love of my life! :)

All the Jan 12th graduates in front of our faculty's landmark, the Makara fountain. :)


My Mami and I in front of the fountain. :)
Note Dinda in the background.
She was the first one to get dunked.




Hasbi got me a cake for a graduation present.
You could see the plastic bag the cake came in on my car's  front wiper.
Very environmental
unfriendly, the plastic that is... :(

The cake was one of those photo cakes or something...
And it's got Mickey and Minnie on it. LOL.


And so the day ended with a cake with my loved ones! :)

I hoped you guys had fun during my absence!
TTYL! :* 


thimbles and gingham

congratulations! looks like you had lots of fun with your celebrations.


So now you are a real businesswoman :)


congrats! happy for you, intan...


La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society

congratulations!! We enjoyed looking through your graduation day pictures quite alot. The minne and mickey cake looks adorable (not to mention delicious) and wading in a fountain with all fo your fellow graduates looks like a perfect way to end a year of tough studies.Best of luck in the future!

Rebecca & Maddy
La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society


Selamat Intaaan! Doakan saya segera menyusul! :)

Fashion Cappuccino

Wow!! Congratulations!! It's so great to accomplish something substantial in life, isn't it?! Fun pictures! xoxoxoxoxo


congrats intaaan! :D
itu foto mama-nya intan? masi muda n kliatan fresh, hehe..


Huaaa Intan.. sorry baru sempet visiting.. hehehe. segera upload foto2 pas wisuda jg yagh.. hehe...
Love every picture of yours... Jadi pengen nyebur jadinya. hehehe. Have a nice day, Tan! =D


hi, darling! congratulation!!! what a major moment in your life! and so much to look forward!!!

i adore all the photos!

btw: i've been quite behind in catching up responding the comments - just want to tell you that i really appreciate you sharing the stories of your childhood on the Reminiscence post - it touched me in great deal! and kept on rocking that confidence,

love, xx


omg congratulations!! so happy to hear thiss! haha
all the best in future dear!
i cant wait for myself to graduate haha



congratulations!! and celebrations!! :)

Day Dreaming Poetcodynate

that seems to be very fun...

anywayz, congratz ya.
have a nice day :)



datang mau ngucapin

happy lunar
happy valentine's day
happy ash wednesday

buat yang merayakan, yang nggak merayakan semoga bulan penuh cinta ini selalu membawa kebahagiaan dan kedamaian...




apa kabar sahabatku... Semoga hari mu menyenangkan...

Aku ada award untukmu.... silahkan diambil...

disini nih :

sebarkanlah sebanyak yang kaau mau sahabat.....

aku mengasihimu....


Intan Alasdair

@all thank you very much! and VERY sorry i havent been able to get back to you right away! :D thank you very much again for all your kind words and happy wishes! it's been months since i graduated and i'm still so touched and so happy! :D

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