Friday, November 06, 2009

Hello! :)

Ohayou World! :)

Hello by =sa-cool on deviantART

It feels like I haven't blogged since forever!
And I guess in the blogging universe I have!

I used to blog here until 3 months ago--the whole I'm going on a hiatus thing but never actually come back phenomenon--though now I definitely can assure you I'm back on the blogosphere!

And I must say it feels good! :)

It was hard, getting back to blogging again.
Then when I decided I was gonna HAVE to (blog again), there was also this whole"dilemma,"
if you can call it that,
about whether I should continue blogging at my old blog
or start a new one.
I won't get into the whole predicament as to why but that was the situation.

But I guessed I'd just have to pull myself together, give myself a much needed kick in the butt, accumulate all that will and determination
and pool all my resources into blogging again!

Because truth be told I love it.

So Hello Again!

This is also my facebook profile picture :p

My name is Intan and this blog is my train of thoughts!

So hop on and enjoy the ride!




Aww yer pretty!
I should've have crush on you if I were a guy, LOL :P
I'm glad you decided to write a blog - doesnt matter whether it's a new or old one - I'm just glad that I can read your blog :)
Will be waiting the coming posts!
Love youu!

Intan Alasdair

Aww thank you Clara! You are VERY sweet indeed. :) It's a huge privilege and compliment as you're one of the people who encourage me to blog again. :) Thanks!

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