Wednesday, November 25, 2009


This is probably one of the COOLEST things I have ever encountered in a LONG time.

It's Historic Japan

in 3D!

If this is not cool I don't know what is.

And my absolute super super favorite! :)

These pics were taken in the early 1900s by T. Enami, Japan's most prolific stereo-photographer.
And for those of you who were wondering, the pics are called Stereoviews...
Oooh fancy word ain't it?

Anyways the gifs were from Pink Tentacle.
But you can see the original Stereoviews here courtesy of Okinawa Soba. :)

R&R please! ;)




I think I might've hurt my neck trying to see the 3D visualization from the pics in flickr..

Intan Alasdair

Aww Hilmy thanks for paying me a visit! Consider yourself linked! :)


hey ntann...
keren gilak ni foto....
ckckck... cari yg indonesia ntan.. *gw ga ngerti nyari dimana*.. HAHA..
nice post!! uhuyyy..

Intan Alasdair

Aww thanks Sar! :) The gif images wont work on blogger. You should open Pink Tentacle's site. :) The gifs made it SOO 3D! :)

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