Monday, November 16, 2009

Hey Hey! :)

Upon writing the title I felt compelled to sing the Avril Lavigne song "Hey hey you you!" but stopped myself before the silly act could take place.
Thank GOD.

Got nothing much to say about,
something that is worth posting that is.
But I said that I was gonna repent,
meaning I'd be a better blogger this time around.

And a one-week absence does NOT translate into a good blogger, methinks.
Unless you're like really really famous and got a fanbase
+ huge following already.
Which I have not. :p

I was never very fashionable--
heck I was never ever fashionable I think--

but a girl still loves her accessories! :)

And for me they're big chunky rings

Personally I think the more noticeable they are the better. ;)
Image courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

as well as hats! :)

Straw sunhats as well as bowlers and derbys. :)

Image courtesy of NET-A-PORTER, freaking and Wikimedia

I actually have a favorite ring atm but I'm too lazy to take pics. :p
Maybe later???

Anyways guys, my report-slash-thesis replacement-slash-graduation compulsion is due in LESS THAN A MONTH!
Wish me luck?


P.s. Click for larger pics!
So click-click-click!
As they're AWESOME I'm telling you! <3 



Intan,,lucu banget cincinya....mau...bisa pesen dmana ya?
btw,,good luck yah buat laporan magang lo... you can do it!!:)



Heya, dudette! Drop by to read a new entry.

I personally ove shawls too! :D

And necklaces and bracelets! :o


P.S: This is a slothful blogger talking too. HOHO.

Intan Alasdair

@Echie :) You could buy them from me when I get hold of lots of awesome ones. :p

@exalandra me too!!! unfortunately jakarta's too hot for shawls most of the time. and im not one of those ppl who go out late at night with friends... :(

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